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university in boca raton, florida, where in two hours president obama and mitt romney will square off in their third and final debate. two weeks until election day, and polls showing continued romney momentum. could this be obama's last stand? the terrorist attack on our embassy in benghazi will be one of the phonus points of the debate. joining us now from the debate site, ace reporter cnbc contributor robert costa, "national review." robert, what is team romney telling you about tonight? >> reporter: team romney is very optimistic about tonight, but they know it will be a break-even debate. this is president obama's best subject, foreign policy, romney is a governor and businessman, not his wheelhouse, but he's been well prepared for this debate and expect him to come out firing at the president's record, especially on libya. >> okay. let's pursue that. is he going to go right after benghazigate, go right after it picking up where he left off in the last debate? >> well, as you remember, larry, the romney campaign feels during the town hall romney didn't have a great answer on libya
bottom bears. >> not unless obama get re-elected. it brings in romney and the federal reserve board. i'm going to leave the treasury alone. if romney is elected for president, first of all, glen hubbert, gregory man cue and john taylor, a third distinguished economist, taylor the author of, "the taylor rule". how do you make sense of this issue. right now how can anybody make a decision? >> you don't know what the macro policy is going to be. it has been a huge support. we are up about 80% of earnings. so are stocks. so it has been a key driver. but the fed can't print profits here. but the bottom line is we hit that limit to where companies need to see momentum and there is so much uncertainty around what he may do. what else is going to happen. we don't know. >> nothing is going to change. >> he will serve out his term to january 2013. that is what happened with green span. he will not be reappointed. mitt romney is going to win. you thought today's turbulence had a little bit to do. by the way, i don't disagree with you. i would have liked him to be a little tougher. one of them was
. romney leads president barack obama 50-47. this is just further evidence why i believe he will sweep the midwest and win this election going away. i'm now predicting a 330 electoral vote landslide. that's right, 330 electoral votes and i'm going to show you why later on. but first up tonight, with elections 12 days away, then the lame duck congress, including the fiscal cliff, we call on leon cooperman, chairman and ceo of omega advisers, one of the 40 businessmen behind the open letter, a critical choice for america advertisement that ran earlier this week in "usa today." lee, thank you for coming on. i appreciate it very much. i have to ask you, you've had a fabulously successful career. this has to be a tricky moment. you have an election in 12 days. you have an unsteady market with earnings dropping and so forth and so on. what is your advice to investors? how do we get through this between now and year end? >> thank you, by the way, for having me on the show. i think the stock market presently is in a zone of fair valuation. so i wouldn't call myself aggressively bullish or bear
president obama, vice president biden, and secretary of defense panetta. we know that from the bing west reporting. what are they talking about? they know the embassy's under attack. these guys are in the oval office. why aren't they pulling out the heavy artillery? fighter jets to strafe them. from sigonella. it could have been in one hour there to stop it. and then the commandos could have been bused in there in three hours. why wasn't that decision made to protect our men? >> well, a couple of reasons. the first is a quick reaction force has to be quick. it has to be big enough to overwhelm the enemy. and it has to have good intelligence. and i don't think any of that stuff existed. >> these are e-mails, jack. >> no, i understand. >> these were e-mails one coming after another. and as we just reported from other stations, we now know more e-mails coming that they were holed up in the annex for six hours. six hours. we could have sent a whole army there in six hours. >> let me tell you the reprehensible part. it is that they knew from the very beginning that it was not a reaction to th
in the oval office between president obama, vice president biden, and defense secretary leon panetta that was on 9/11. and by 5:00 p.m. eastern time they would have had already two of the three emails. what do you think happened? do you think at that meeting they decided to hatch this cock and bull story and not to allow the troops to go and not to play this higher and not to do the things that patriotic people would do? what happened at that oval office meeting? >> i can't get into the minds of what they did larry. i do know as of 5:00 p.m. when they met, they already knew that the american ambassador was missing in action in the middle of a fire fight with terrorists. the american ambassador, equivalent to a four star general, the symbol of america, he's missing. and we don't move our military forces? i'm baffled by it. i think the nation is baffled by it. >> he owes everybody an explanation. what do you make of the latest now today, hillary clinton is saying that she wanted to add security in benghazi and that the president said no. now that looks like she's jumping ship but what
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5